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16th September 2021

Changes to the start and finish times and routines

Ref. Changes to start and finish times


Wednesday 15 September 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


It has been such a positive experience welcoming children back into school and reverting back to new ‘old’ routines. We have all had to remember what school life was like before full COVID restrictions.


As we encounter logistical difficulties around the movement of children around school, we have adapted routines during the school day to make it easier for children and staff.  One of the reasons we originally kept the staggered start and finish times was because we wanted to keep some separation between parents and different classes. However, this has meant children have a prolonged start and end of day routines, impacting on learning time and how they settle into the school day.


From Monday 20 September, we are going to revert to all children coming into school/leaving school at our usual school times of 8:40am/3:05pm.


Start of day routine 

  • At 8:35, the gates will be opened and children come into the playground and line up. Parents leave their children at the gates. Yr3 and Yr6 will continue to line up in the KS1 playground. Yr 1,2,4,5 will line up in the KS2 playground. Staff will be out to greet them.


  • At 8:40, the bell will go, and teachers will take their class into school.


  • Please note that Reception and Nursery children will continue to enter through their classroom doors. Staff will be on the gate from 8:35-8:40. Please be prompt.


End of day routine


  • At 3pm the gates will be opened and adults can come into the playground.


  • At 3:05 the bell will ring, and children will be brought outside by their teacher and lined up in their designated areas. Teachers will dismiss the children to their adults.


  • Adults can collect children from their class area. If you have more than one child, walk through to the different areas collecting your children as you do so.


  • Please can we politely ask that parents do not approach or take their children until all children in their child’s class are out of the building and lined up.


  • Once you have collected all your children, please exit the playground straight away by the nearest gate.


  • The playground equipment is not available for use after school.


Collection areas


Nursery am children – from the Nursery door at 11.40


Nursery pm and Reception children – at the Reception fence at the top of the main playground.


Year 1 – Children will line up against the wall, under the Year 5 classroom windows.


Year 2 – Children will line up against the wall, under the Year 2 classroom windows.


Year 3 – Children will line up against the wooden ramp in the KS1 playground (Norman Street entrance)


Year 4 – Children will line up against the fence by the outside staffroom (near the gate into the KS1 playground)


Year 5 – Children will line up against the school wall, just by the smaller gate in the KS2 playground


Year 6 – Children will line up against the school wall towards the gate in the KS1 playground (Norman street entrance)


Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we all get used to the new routine.


Yours faithfully


Christina Gunning


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